Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Florian Jacot - 1st Year Painting

Florian Jacot is a figurative painter and sculptor who works traditionally and digitally in his field.

Florian started his artistic journey in fine arts graduating from the Art Diploma Program of Central Tech School and then studied at the Academy of Realist Art, school of Classical Figurative Drawing and Painting. He went on to Animation and graduated from the Classical Animation Diploma Program of Max the Mutt Animation and the Digital Animation Program at Centennial College. His work has been exhibited on many occasions in shows and galleries and has won several awards. He has worked in the Animation Industry as a 3D artist doing modeling and texturing.

Florian has been teaching since 2004 in various schools and colleges. He presently teaches Painting at Sheridan College, Artistic Anatomy, Figure Sculpture and Drawing at Centennial College, as well as Traditional and Digital Sculpture at Toronto School of Art.

Florian's Website