Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Klaas Hart - 1st and 2nd Year Life Drawing

Klaas Hart has worked as a teacher and a fine artist for the past 16 years. He studied drawing, painting and anatomy at the Ontario College of Art and Design, graduating in 1993. He went on to study in the Netherlands, where he worked with renowned Dutch artist Henk Helmantel in 1999-2000. Along with life drawing and anatomy instruction, colour theory and painting technique are also part of his teaching repertoire.

Seeing painting as a form of traditional storytelling, his art deals with narratives that explore myth, psychology, and allegory in painting. His work has been exhibited in North America and Europe, and in 1998 he received the Mayor's Purchase Award in Toronto.

“Working with the motivated and talented students at Sheridan College is rewarding experience. It’s encouraging to be able to share my experience with students, knowing they will build on it and take it in new directions. In a world where art is becoming more difficult to define, at Sheridan we find real knowledge transfer going on that is directly applicable to an industry. In this sense art is alive and well.”

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