Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tony Tarantini - 3rd Year Layout

Tony Tarantini is currently working on a Master Degree in Animation Studies and holds a Bachelor of Design, a communication and Design Honors Diploma, Illustration and numberous certificates. With more than 20 years of creative and management experience, Tony has worked with producers and directors on editing scripts and story ideas, supervising development, revisions and approvals of storyboards, produced storyboards, designs, art directing, assembled animatics and story reels, assisted at recordings, postproduction, editing sessions and coordinated department’s workflow in collaboration with Production Management. His work can be seen on Meta Jets, Magi-Nation, George Shrinks, Redwall, Timothy, Franklin , Mythic Warriors, Ewoks, Care Bears, Johnny Quest, Babar, My Pet Monster, Little Rosie, Beetlejuice, American Tail, Dog City, Rupert, Magic School Bus, Tales From The Cryptkeeper, Eek the Cat, Neverending Story, Sticking Around, Little Bear, Blazing Dragons, Dog City, Birdz, Sam and Max, Ace Ventura, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.